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Sunday, 16 February 2014


Celestial E.E.A. Weasel

It would be ironic if Scotland ended up in the EEA due to not being allowed in the EU, and rUK ended up in it because it voted to leave the EU.


I seem to recall Cameron, for some reason, implying that it was the EU or nothing, ruling out EEA membership. This seems unlikely, although it is what the Swiss have to do.

Celestial E F T A Weasel

Would we get into the EU channel in other country's like the Swiss do? I suppose it depends on the hundreds of independent deals we do, like the Swiss.


In Switzerland, as indeed in Norway, the political class was in favour of EEA/EU membership, so there is the political will to negotiate lots of bilateral agreements/align oneself with the EU/EEA/pretend that you are are a part of the club as far as you can get away with it where it suits you (such as, say, Horizon 2020 funding). The UK would be different in that the political class would be saying "We don't want to be part of the European project". In which case, the will on both side to set up these sorts of things might be absent from both sides. The one thing we do know is that the (r)UK will be not Switzerland.

Celestial E.E.A. Weasel

Would the political class be against, even if they were painted into a corner and had to withdraw somehow? Is not the most likely scenario in case of exit that the government negotiates as many bilateral agreements as possible, which would be less favourable that the status quo, whilst insisting that the chocolate ration had been increased to 10g?


I think the thing in Switzerland/Norway is that the political class largely wanted in, whereas here there is a significant section that wants out, but arguably you are right that it wouldn't be the political class that wanted to leave, but the voters, so the will to do what can be done on a bilateral basis might still be there.

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