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Wednesday, 05 March 2014



Given some of the things said on Twitter I thought he actually kept his temper in check really. But the blame does lie with the Con Chairs.

They should have briefed Ross about the problems there had been and asked him to take that into account. When they made the announcement they should have had a press pack ready to go rather than assuming people knew him.

They should have had a formal statement ready to go thanking Farah Mendleson for her service, accepting her reasons for resigning but outlining why they felt they had to stick with Ross.

They should have done all those things and if they had we'd have been looking at a fannish shitstorm but not a media one involving my family asking why I'm friends with weirdos.


And yes, mine's a Chicken Tikka Jalfreizi with Mushroom Rice and a Garlic nann.

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