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Wednesday, 12 March 2014


Celestial G M C A Weasel

As you know, I feel there should be a book about the 1974 local government reorganisation, probably entitled 'The 1974 local government reorganisation, what the fuck were they thinking?'
As I have also said, the reason that 'The North' and indeed 'The Places That Aren't London' lose our to London is the parochialism.
Interestingly, Greater Manchester was the first area to reconstitute the authority under the LDEDC Act,_Economic_Development_and_Construction_Act_2009

The Wikipedia article claims that essentially Tyne and Weir, Merseyside and South and West Yorkshire (though interestingly not West Midlands) are coming back this year - I vaguely thought there were some support for having a bigger one for Yorkshire, but apparently not.
There has been irksomeness about the Merseyside one IIRC as hinted about in the Wikipedia article - I think Pickles refused to allow them to call it Liverpool City Region which is what they wanted to call it (interestingly the bits that weren't Liverpool wanted this name this time, presumably having seen the advantage the Manchester brand has had).

Though, of course, as you know I am dubious of the need for megacities in the post-something-or-other era.

Celestial L C R Weasel

Or apparently not, see my previous comments on parochialism


What a ludicrous name. And people wonder why I am depressed. Interesting to see the Tories allowing these kinds of ad-hoc super-councils to emerge.

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