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Thursday, 24 February 2005


Celestial Weasel

A fine parallel world, lacking only the execution of Thatcher live on TV at Christmas on the lines of Ceauşescu. I am not convinced by the theory that the Conservatives would actually do anything too extreme were they to get in, although on the whole I would rather that they didn't. It does seem to me that the bizarro left is making a big comeback at the moment, maybe I am just reading too many bizarre LJs. I read recently a comment on someone's on the lines of 'the underground and commuter railways of London should be paved over and have busses on them, as busses are better for honest working class people who in general don't travel very far', which I remember hearing when the bizarro left were in the ascendent in the 80s. I must find the post and post it in my LJ...


I remember my O-level history teacher, the late, great Barry Gemson (he died at 42 during the summer between my fourth and fifth years of a massive MI - but then he was a heavy smoker, drinker and grossly overweight) mentioning an early 80s proposal to pave over the railways and run buses down them. This was a bizzaro right proposal, but at that time, the idea of closing down the whole of British Rail with the exception of the commuter lines into London and maybe a couple of the main InterCity lines was (seriously?) floated by the Thatcher government.

Celestial Weasel

Yes, I remember that, there was a government report (the name Serpell or similar springs to mind).
I also remember us getting something through the door from Ken about all the bits of the tube that were going to be shut if something happened or didn't happen.

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