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Thursday, 03 February 2005



Well to me one obvious answer would be for the time travellers to be agents sent back from the 22nd century by the Cyberpope of the Church of the Blessed Concordance in order to ensure the integrity of the 1911 EB which is threatened by Cthulhu cultists who seek to include within it Things Man Was Not Supposed to Know.


Yes, something along those lines, I think. Time travel, definitely, because it is cool and the kind of thing that post-Singularity beings really ought to be able to do.

I also think that Post-Singularity beings might well resemble Lovecraft's Old Ones in their indifference to humanity and possession of "super"-natural powers. I suspect like Wells's Martians, their intellects will be "vast, cool and unsympathetic" (i.e. UnFriendly). I like the idea of bringing in the notion of Deep Time through something like the Old Ones. Lord Kelvin might get a bit of shock. In fact, an encounter with a Transcended Post-Human is definitely going to require a SAN check role for any present day (or Edwardian) human.

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