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Sunday, 06 February 2005



The Hall of Meteorites at the AMNH has a pinkie-sized vial labeled nano-diamonds. It's the siftings of cosmic dust somehow collected here on earth and it is all the diamond allotrope of carbon. The scientist that collecte it claims it is pre-solar-system space carbon. It's exciting to look at.

As an adult the only two science museums I've enjoyed are the AMNH here and the Florence one where they have Gallileo's finger, second telescope, and many many groudbreaking devices for doing those parlor tricks with static electricity.


I don't think that my disillusionment with the Science Museum comes entirely from the jadedness of age. The museum has suffered from systematic underfunding for decades (at least 1979, if not earlier). I fear that the Wellcome Wing (the big 90s extension to the museum built with Lottery money) was a distraction from its core mission, which has meant that the physical science galleries have been neglected. The museum needs to get the closed galleries re-opened (possibly costly) and to tidy up, rearrange and relabel galleries such as the Computer, Space and Telecoms ones (not *that* costly).

I look forward to visiting AMNH when I finally make it to New York (2006?).


I didn't think it was still free? M and I walked in a couple of weekends ago and they looked to be wanting £13.50, or did I miss something.

Sounds like we were right to wander over to see the Dinos next door.


It's free. The £13.50 is to get in the IMAX cinema/go on the various simulators.

John B

The Welcome Wing cost a fortune, but apart from the Exploratorium in the basement, is very poor value for money. The exhibits have some nice ideas, but are nothing like robust enough for hands-on use, so most are broken or baffle by only doing part of the job. Lots of space with nothing much in it.


The Science Museum thrived for over a hindred years without a medicine/life science section. We didn't go in the Wellcome Wing last SAturday. It's pretty much was a waste of money. The Science Museum should have concentrated on its core competencies and stuck with the physical sciences/technology. And got a new computer/telecommunications gallery. And not been distracted by the filthy lucre offered by the Wellcome Foundation.

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