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Wednesday, 09 March 2005


Celestial Weasel

My experience is
1) that Media player is unhelpful at telling you about problems. I have long suspected that this is on purpose, to make it hard to use non-official codecs etc.
2) It will probably use some manner of DivX codec (or maybe it IS corrupt or incomplete).

The DivX player is pretty handy at giving weird error messages at least instead of silently barfing, you can then look the errors up on the web. Make sure that you do not get a player with spyware (do some Googling).

Carl Aribcon

The problem is not with windows Media Player per se. Some Avi files are encoded with some type of compresssion which are not playable unless your system has the codecs installed. I suggest you download some already proven codec packs like the following: After downloading/installing the codec pack, you should be able to play the AVI in Windows Media Player as long as the codec (perhaps DiVX or XVid) is on your machine. Hope this helps.


What they said.

When you get into downloading you need to start playing with media file formats - it can be a bit annoying. DiVX is a major one to have and that sorted me out for "Rose".

But from time to time you'll hit a codec issue.


One of the cool things I have finally managed to fix with my BitTorrent client is RSS feeds. Basically, you can use your PC as a type of TiVO.

Although, what I really need to do now is get a second PC to act as a media server.

Celestial Weasel

> The problem is not with windows Media Player per se.

My objection to Media Player is not that it needs the codecs, which anything would, but that it is particularly unhelpful in telling you what it needs (compared, say, to DivX player).


I actually find it easier to use that Real - or at least for finding stuff on the HDD I find it easier than Real, and faster. For ripping my CDs I prefer Real.

We've a PC TV software package we use with the TV for most video playback.

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