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Sunday, 20 March 2005



I'm being good and waiting to see it on telly (hmmm... we used to have the big screen / small screen division for cinema vs television, do we now have a big/medium/small or big/small/tiny division to accommodate computer monitors?) so this is just based on on the trailers etc.

For me the title music and sound of the tardis dematerialising in Dr Who is akin to the title music and sound of a lightsaber igniting in Star Wars -- whatever you may think about Episodes 1&2 it was cheering and familiar to hear those sounds again.

I love the look of the Tardis, it feels right, they've taken enough from the film, and made it sufficiently HG Wellsy to sit just comfortably. Billie Piper is obviously quite aesthetically pleasing, but I'll wait to see whether she can act; similarly I'm not convinved by the idea of Christopher Ecclestone as the Doctor, still we'll see how he looks in a few days time.

My single biggest concern has got to be the self contained episodes, but this will essentially come down to how stand-alone they are; if there's an underlying arc for some of the them then it should work out fine.


Well, Piper is better than Bonnie Langford. OK, that's not hard.

I was thinking just before about the Doctor's "bit-of-rough" look. It's certainly a move away from anything we've seen before. It's still too early to say if he should be put back in a frock coat - immediately.

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