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Thursday, 04 August 2005


Celestial Weasel

Have fun. I look forward to the updates, though cannot say I have had any twinges of 'oh to be in Glasgow, now that Worldcon's there'. Say hi to Mr Raines if you see him and threaten that we will (italics) come and see him one day soon.

I did vaguely wish I have been to the geek thing in London - Open Tech 2005 - however. Only vaguely though.

Apart from anything else, having been to cons and media fan type events and gaming things I would be interested to go to a computer-geek type thing.

Anyway, I am looking forward to the updates.


Yeah, well we screwed up the updates.

I promise I'll do a proper Con Report with the photographic evidence.

Lows: The bookroom was disappointing.

Highs: Whoever negotiated the corkage waiver at the Hilton is a genius. The party floor of the hotel was a real winner.


Definitely agree that the room parties in the Hilton were the highlight of the con. And the commute was good. The downside though was imbibing not wisely, but too well. Which made the morning (and afternoon) after interesting.

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