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Saturday, 20 August 2005



That kind of thing from Rand is neither as big nor as clever as Rand and his bunch of sycophants think it is. For all sorts of reasons. I'll admit I've never been a great one for the families of deceased service personel who claim to have been lied to over the war. Well, they did *volunteer*. And, yes, there are lots of bereaved families, so why meet one mother (again) just because she wants to. But that's so *not* the point. Iraq was an unforced error. It disgusts me that people like that Rand are too stupid to realise that in any just society, Bush, Cheney, Rice, Wolfowitz, Perle and Rumsfold would be dragged in chains throught the streets of Washington.

My BP cannot at this time cope with Samizdata. But your report of their views hardly surprises me.


Everytime I see the name "Rand" I think Ayn :)

As so often over the last few years, the Tories have allowed Labour to define the field on which political debate occurs -- as the Lib Dems consolidate their libertarian-left position and labour consolidate their authoritarian-left one, the Tories seem to be on the defensive all the time, and too often accept the authoritarian line in order to avoid attacks.

One model for the next general election sees both Labour & the Tories focusing on taking votes off the Lib Dems (an increasingly valuable target now that Europe's more-or-less gone away, as they attract back people they lost to the Greens) -- Labour as they shift to the left, and the Tories as they're able to retrench to more classical libertarian positions once they stop having piss fights with Blair over the centre-right.

Not entirely unrelatedly -- as partial compensation for the recent deaths of Mo Mowlam & Robin Cook, could George Galloway be the next to go, please?

Whilst I'll agree that there are problems in the current US administration, I've a very high opinion of Condoleeza Rice and tend to regard her as a moderating influence over there.

As for Samizdata -- I'd forgotten about them, but in the past have often found them an interesting counterpoint to some of the more, shall we say, bleeding heart places on the 'net; and if you ever need a Jewish libertarian metal-head then Marty Dodge is your man :)

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