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Thursday, 18 August 2005



Walking into the health centre with a can of beer must have gone down well :)

Unrelatedly and rather randomly, I've just found yet another person I know who's never been on an aeroplane, indeed their only visits to furren lands have been booze-cruises to France!


Well, it was concealed in rucksack in the health centre.

I didn't go abroad until I was 21 or fly until I was 22. But that was the C20th. Now I just never want to leave London. (Recall the S&tC episode in which Miranda goes on a date with someone who hasn't left Manhattan for a decade.)

Celestial Weasel

Does that mean I am going to have to come and see you if we are to ever meet in the flesh?


Although it may be true that when a man is tired of life, he is tired of London, that does not necessarily mean that he should never *leave* London. Certainly, I would seriously contemplate a move to Cambridge in the medium term if things work out at *n*lysys. But then Oxford and Cambridge are really parts of London that just happen not to be physically co-located with the rest of the city (one would typically not describe them as "provincial"). Of course, the main reason I would like to move there is because the most amazing looking women run wild in the streets.

I'm certainly up for a trip to *b*ngd*n at some pint in the near future if that fits in with your plans, perhaps towards the end of September? You can visit Brentford, but I like to... er... do some "work" on the flat first in order to make it more like the bijou bachelor pad you might expect (I have a more than adequate sofabed).

Celestial Weasel

End of September, early Octoberish sounds sensible.
Oxford is a continuation of London by other means, as a character says in my novel (:-))

I was saying, only today, that there are lots of people for whom Oxford is like West Berlin - they only go outside of the Ring Road if on a sealed train / coach to London (or one of its airports). But I have possibly said this before.


Those kinds of dates sound good to me.

Paul Marrow and I went to Berlin in January 2000 and came up with the idea of a Britain (and a London) divided between the East and West/Capitalist and Communist. Oxfordshire was in the West (this makes sense if you look at a map - Warwickshire was also in the West), but Berkshire in the East. With pre-1974 county boundaries, this meant that Oxford was right on the border between East and West. It was thus a heavily militarised and a place thick with spies and political intrigue. A OUSFG/CUSFS exchange visit would take on quite different significance than in our world. I think there is plenty of potential for an AH novel here (although I think of no crdible scenario that would lead to a divided Britain).

Celestial Weasel

Funnily enough I have had similar ideas... the concept is that something like the Spanish civil war happened in Britain with things ending in an uneasy truce between the communists, anarchists (the good guys, obviously) and the fascists.

Effectively, the 3 zones do what they like but to avoid too major problems there is a kind of house of lords equivalent with 9 members, 3 from each sector, they are known as the Witan and meet wearing white robes in Stonehenge.

Oxford and Cambridge are 'free cities'.


"*n*lysys ... *b*ngd*n"
Can I have a vowel please Bob? :)

*n*lysis are one of the places who seem to have completely ignored my CV :(

*b*ngd*n's a decent enough town, I've a friend who's spent the last eight months almost-but-not-quite moving there, his love of 'arlow is perhaps too strong for him to up & leave so quickly :)


His love for H*rl*w? Good heavens! Surely that is the love that dare not speak its name. It's in *ss*x!

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