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Sunday, 25 June 2006


Celestial Weasel

You are to be commended for your dedication to your project. Personally I prefer the rough and ready charm of phone cameras.


I ought to work out how to contact my cameraphone to my PC. It might be adequate.


I got a Canon Ixus 55 recently (lot cheaper on Amazon). I think you would find that a good choice of digital camera for such note-taking, although I'm not sure what you're actually talking about when you express a desire to take unobtrusive pictures of manhole covers for your 'next project'. Are you going into sewerage?


It definitely wasn't a manhole cover. It was small (perhaps 30cm x 20 cm) and rectangular. I have seen covers like this before. What do they cover? I'd guess it's something to do with water/sewage, but wouldn't they have been branded Metropolitan Water Board in the pre-1973 era?

The project is my next novel set in a fictionalised (and somewhat allegorical) version of British Grove. It will be called "British Grove" and the main character, who lives in the street, will be called Andrew Stephen Grove. (I have to finish the first one first, of course, but I reckon four months will do it. I did an audit over the weekend and discovered I was up to 60,000 words, three-quarters of the way there.)

Celestial Weasel

I believe, although this can only be inferred from the Wikipedia entries, that the municipal boroughs would have done the sewerage - the Metropolitan Water Board only doing the supply.

It is certainly the case that the private water companies that existed prior to the privatisation of the old Water Authorities only did / do water supply.


By Jove, I think you've cracked it. I recall that in Woking I had separate water and sewerage bills. One bill is more convenient.


Well, for real pictures I like my Ixus, but the camera phone is fast and it is always with you. The first 5 mega pixel phones are coming soon, although, frankly, if all you want to do is capture the "feeling" of something 2 mega pixels is more than enough and any entry level feature phone can manage that now.

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