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Wednesday, 28 June 2006


Celestial Weasel

Well, you will have seen that I recently said that razors were one of the 3 things that I think you shouldn't buy own brand. I haven't seen any with more than 3 blades as disposable razors which is what I use.


How long does a disposable last? I'm currently using some three-bladed Wilikinson Sword disposables that my mum got me (I've run out of Mach 3 blades it wouuld seem). I have to admit I don't feel the same degree of confidence with the disposables as I do with the Gillette non-disposables. There's a reason my dad used an electric razor. (Blade technology has advanced significantly since the 1960s.)

Celestial Weasel

I tend to use a good disposable for about 3 days, so it is quite an expensive business. I would not say I get a very satisfactory result but I do not care as much as I should.
The thing that pisses me off about electric razors is that they change the design every few months so you can never get new blades / foils when you need them.
I have used disposables, disposable blades with fixed heads and electric razors. I am hard pressed to say why I switched to disposables, I think my electric razor died and I bought some as a temporary measure and never switched back.

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