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Thursday, 12 June 2008


Celestial Z Weasel

When I went out at lunchtime I saw another of those damn posters being put up. That constituency extends a long way towards civilisation so I fear you will be seeing many of them for weeks.


Thank you for the link.

Are you going to be saying that Cameron won't be too bad a PM in order to convince others or yourself?

Ben (from BorisWatch)



I don't think there will be reeducation camps in the Outer Hebrides under Cameron - for starters, they are far more likely to be in the Brecon Beacons as Scotland heads towards independence and Northumberland is out because they wouldn't want dissidents to escape and slip across the border to freedom.

Seriously, there won't be any reeducation camps (I don't think). But thanks to the incredibly valuable work of sites such as boriswatch, we do have a pretty good idea what the next Conservative administration will actually be like. The sickening catalogue of cronyism, nepotism, petty control-freakery, incompetence, mendacity and barely disguised racism (consider the recent story about Rise festival) daily described there tells us everything we need to know. A Tory government won't be as bad as we fear... it will be far, far worse.


Thank you.

Incidentally, there may be one man that is pleased by the quiet purging of anti-racism from the Rise Festival*.




It just gets worse and worse.

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