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Wednesday, 18 June 2008


Celestial Z Weasel

Go East (or West, or North, or South) young(ish) man.
As we have discussed before, the US and UK are non isomorphic in this fashion. 'It is as though New York had a population of 100 million and the next biggest city was Milwaukee'. And actually looking at Wikipedia's entries on both, the comparison between Birmingham and Milwaukee does not look un-apt.
I have never been to Chicago since I tend to go to places that are warm when it is cold here, have vaguely thought about going though.
Anyway, you need to choose a location and book your flight.

Celestial Z Weasel

Anyway, surely the SMOTU use Erlang? :-)


>>> Anyway, surely the SMOTU use Erlang? :-)

You are quite right. I will edit accordingly...


It is perfectly simple. Seattle. We have Skyscrapers and tech and soft weather - not to mention liberal politics and, as I discovered last night, a fantastic pub quiz in an Australian bar.

Celestial W Weasel III

But would Dr. C like the weather and the restaurants?


Niles in "Frasier" in the episode in which he elopes with Daphne turns the Winnebago back towards Seattle on the grounds that it has world-class dining. Of course, the climate has been described as being "like that of Britain only more so", whereas Chicago has a continental climate meaning that is virrtually unlivable in for eight months a year. But then it does have Charlie Trotter's ( to make up for that.

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