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Wednesday, 23 July 2008



I actually think it could be worse than this because the assumption is the people post-singularity communicate in a conventional spoken manner. If the Singularity is going to happen, and we're looking at post-humans integrated with AI and computer networks to a degree I'm not sure that any of them would be able to slow themselves down to "speak" let alone explain something at that kind of analogue bit rate.

I'd hate to have to explain what I'm doing at the moment to my mother. I haven't said anything outloud in an hour or more but I've had a dozen conversations, some still on going in different chat windows, written reams of correspondence and sent some text messages from my phone.

I'm not sure somebody from the 50s could understand the way I know feel if I or M leaves home without a phone, let alone a Papua New Guninaen.

Communication and speaking aren't necessarily the same thing and I suspect that divergence is going to get worse over the next 2 decades.


I'm going to do a follow-up post on this, but I think the key is the difference between vaguely appreciating something ("Oh, it's a *bit* like *this*") and groking the full magnificence of something. You might "I feel uncomfortable when M or I don't have our phones with us" in the way that perhaps a neolithic hunter might feel uncomfortable with out a spear or bow and arrows, but that doesn't go very far at all towards capturing the true quality and intensity of your feelings about not having your phone.


I think the interesting thing is that this actually is at the heart of the _Happening_ Singularity.

The shift is already happening :)

Between this and the break down in conventional IP rules and management, we're in for interesting times. I hope we survive :)

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