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Wednesday, 02 July 2008



You've ignored the fact that Donna still has something on her back, as pointed out by the person who told her she was sorry for her loss, therefore Donna is still actually in the fortune-teller's tent and all this is still the alternative timeline, therefore we'll all wake up and it was all a dream.


Does she say "You *have* something on your back" or "You *had* something on your back"? I seem to recall *someone says *had*. Even if it is all an temporary alternative reality though, we still have to explain who/what Donna is.


I have a fear that there were two PODs in the Tent and we're seeing the second one now.


That does sound *very* Rusty - it was all a... dream. We also don't know what the Osterhagen Key is or what the Medusa Cascade is for that matters.

If this all turns oout not to have happened,. I'm going to be annoyed.

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