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Sunday, 11 December 2016


John B

paralegals some time back, and financial advisers at present. Not that many of them, but there are a lot more call centre staff who are being replaced by chat bots that start the conversation, before passing on a qualified lead to a human advisor for only the last part of the transaction. (Not strictly call centre, but customer advisor level) I expect twitter accounts for railways are becoming automated to fob off complaints with platitudes too.

And I'd rather an AI parsed my typed text than have a voice recognition menu system. Still prefer companies that arrange websites so you don't have free-form queries though.

You are getting fast food robots now, flipping burgers and making sushi. Lots of jobs to go there

Paul M. Cray

Bots are something I need to look into. Much easier to do that voice-based systems. And how good could an ElLIZA 2016 be?

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