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Wednesday, 22 March 2017



I heard the In Our Time podcast on that. The question they didn't answer for me is that for an event that lasted 100000 years, they claimed big evolutionary changes and mass migration of biomes towards the poles, and I'd have thought the timescales were much too short for that.

For that level of release by civilisation, I think we'd spot the evidence of open-cast mining to fuel it, and all the concrete poured for its infrastructure.

Dave O

Hard to say. If it was a regional society and largely coastal there's a lot of places that are completely inaccessible now. Under the hymalyas or the Black Sea.

I suspect it was a natural event mind you but makes for an interesting idea.

Paul M. Cray

Yes, it's odd that supposedly do for 10 million years until things heated up. Mammals are warm-blooded after all! Although obviously a 100,000 years actually is a long time in terms of species migrating.

I think this could be the basis for a story. Any civilisation capable of interstellar travel is going to have advanced solar and fusion energy technology. But you can invent a scenario as to why they are using carbon. Perhaps they are a prison planet or the classic lost degenerate colony. How much of a fossil signal would such a society actually leave?

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