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Wednesday, 08 March 2017



There are lots of political issues that I *think* are right or wrong, but I don't share the passion of their advocacy groups. I read the headlines about, X, and think "that's clear-cut, we should ban it", but have no emotional reaction.

I used X, because I've learnt that if whatever X I choose presses someone else's buttons, you get abuse for not sharing their passion, even if you agree with them.

Paul M. Cray

I think it is difficult to escape from the emotional element of thoughts for the reason you say: even if you have no strong emotions about X, other people do, so you an emotional element still ends up getting sucked in.

It's very difficult to be in any meaningful sense complete rational because everything we do as an aspect of choice or judgement associated with it. And people generally want to be right even if it merely to have chosen the right thing off the menu.

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