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Friday, 26 May 2017



Which party put up the second Atkins? I bet that was confusing for voters, was the name play deliberate?

Always interesting reading what Labour propose with a little voice in my head "they won't win, so its irrelevant"

Paul M. Cray

Ron Atkins was the incumbent Labour MP (; he's now 100 and the oldest living former MP), Robert Atkins ( was the Tory insurgent. Did they have party names on the ballots in 1979? Of course, the confusion could go both ways.

Preston North was very marginal: "[Atkins] was twice Member of Parliament for the marginal Preston North constituency, from 1966 to 1970 - when he lost to Conservative Mary Holt, and, having defeated Holt by 255 votes, from February 1974 to 1979 - when he lost to the very-similarly named and unrelated Conservative, Robert Atkins. The margin of defeat was just 29 votes (0.1%)."

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