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Saturday, 13 January 2018



I know they say new year resolutions should be SMART, but I'm sure you won't become a book writer if you blog every day like this. How much time does each article take?

I don't think your friends and family think any less of you because of your lack of focus, so its a question how how much it matters to you. Looking at my unfocussed self I decided in retirement I wanted to potter, not change the world, as that's what made me happy.

But you reinvented yourself at 30, perhaps you can do it at 50

Paul M. Cray

It's certainly a displacement at some level. At another, it is the sort of thing a writer is supposed to do. Good point about the reinvention at 30! If I were to go to Seattle, it would be the chance of a new start in a new country, but I don't really think it is going to happen now for various reasons and, of course, in theory, it should just as possible to reinvent myself in Preston as Seattle and arguing that it isn't is just more procrastination.

I suppose it's unlikely that things are going to remain as they are here for much longer, so something is going to change at some point and it is going to be a case of making of it what I can.

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