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Sunday, 22 April 2018


Marcus Rowland

I'd go with one of the more humanoid species (or human-seeming anyway) using the simulation as a training school for aliens that are supposed to invade Earth, a bit like the 'American' town the Russians allegedly built during the cold war. Then maybe discovering that they like being human more than invading...

Since Ulysses is out of European copyright now I'm really surprised that nobody seems to be writing 'Ulysses with Zombies' etc. I did vaguely think about writing it up for RPG purposes but I'm pretty sure it would not be a viable commercial project.

Paul M. Cray

I always liked the idea of the American town in the Soviet Union (we have seen hints of this kind of thingin both audio and TV DW). That's a good idea about using the simulated Dublin as a training school for an invasion. The standard DW payoff would be that the aliens don't realise that C21st London isn't very much like 1904 Dublin.

Thinking about it, surely someone must have done a "Ulysses" scenario for "Call of Cthulhu". There is absolutely masses of potential there.

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