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Sunday, 19 August 2018



I'd never seen the TV version and enjoyed it, mainly for the local colour as you describe, but it was interesting to see what was really a play being filmed across 2 sets. The panic scene when the actors ran back and forth across the screen was pure theatre. As always in the period, the menace is more important than the realization. It dragged a lot less than the original Quatermass, but I guess the audience had to be led through the trope of a space launch

Paul M. Cray

The comments in "The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction" about the space launch in "Quatermass" were interesting in that it was more Scott of the Antarctic than Dan Dare, but that really is part of the theatrical nature of the production at this very early stage of television. Mind you, "Doctor Who" was still pulling this kind of stunt, by then relegated preetty much to children's TV, in "Delta and the Bannermen" in 1987.

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