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Saturday, 10 November 2018


John B

If you had true prisoners, without tech, I don't think they'd know. It would be easy to drug them during turnover.

If you had scientist prisoners with full tech, they could

1) test for micro earthquakes or the rumble from the drive

2) Observe variation in penetrating radiation, which might be coming from the drive, or space, and might have diurnal variation etc

3) thrust and gravity would differ in angle off-axis differently, and more so than with height

4) Atmospheric composition different in a life support system.

Paul M. Cray

Yes, if you have enough technical knowledge and equipment, there is a lot you can to determine where you are. For instance, a Foucault's pendulum will tell you if you are on a rotating planet. An accelerating starship will fairly soon be travelling at a fair clip. If you have a convenient supply of dry cleaning fluid, you can make yourself a neutrino detector. If you are travelling at close to the speed of light, you will detect a lot more neutrino bursts from supernovae that you would if you were at rest with respect to the fixed stars.

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